Lisa Vogt, B. A.

Lisa Vogt, B. A. cultural- and socialanthropology / geography

Lisa Vogt is a trained assistant for office management and has a Bachelor Degree in cultural- and socialanthropology / geography. At the moment she studies at the Institute of Geography at University of Muenster and is doing her Masters Degree in humangeography – spaces of conflicts, space planning and spatial development.

In the context of the BMBF funded junior research group PluS-i she is a student researchassistent.

Main research and working interests

  • security discourse in urban- and social geography
  • space production theories of Henri Lefebvre / social movements
  • citizen participation

Contact information

Lisa Vogt, B. A.

University of Münster
Institute of Political Science
Junior Research Group PluS-i
Scharnhorststr. 100
D-48151 Muenster

Room 803

Tel.: +49 (0)251 83-29123