Dennis Goldig, M. Sc.

Dennis Goldig, M. Sc. Economics

Dennis Goldig is an economist. His research interest is on the analysis of inner security from an economic point of view. Previously, he focused on volatility spillover effects between international stock markets.

In the context of the BMBF funded junior research group PluS-i he is a research assistent and is working on his doctoral thesis.

Main research and working interests

  • security research from an economic perspective
  • efficiency measurement in the field of internal security
  • econometrics
  • financial markets
  • volatility spillovers between stock markets

Contact information

Dennis Goldig, M. Sc.

University of Münster
Institute of Political Science
Junior Research Group PluS-i
Scharnhorststr. 100
D-48151 Münster

Room 803

Tel.: +49 (0)251 83-29124

E-Mail: dennis[dot]goldig[at]uni-muenster[dot]de